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My Site Sponsor | taffs.sponsors

My Site Sponsor
sitelogo - Новые картинки

My site is sponsored by

This site is a chat site, where your sign up and get your own personal login.

When you login, you can:-
Inbox Users
Use the forums
Use the chatrooms
Make nu friends

There are regular events which take place where you could win yourself a topup for your fone.

The Monthly Treasure Trail
This is where you have to solve clues to get e final keyword. It runs for a week every month, eachday of that week has a differant trail, for each keyword you get, you get an enrty into the final draw for the topup prize.

Weekly quizes and events are also done, if you win the quiz, you win a topup!

Simple as that!

So it worth joinin this site! There is plenty of fun for all to enjoy!

The site owners and admin are great people and the members are all nice people, you aint got the idiots that you get on other sites.

You can build your profile, add a pic to it so other members can check ya owt, lol.

If you like the sound of this site then jus click on the link below and follow the instructions to register.

This page:

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