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For My Love | bigwapworld

For My Love
For My Love is a new section of this site, where you can write poems for your boyfriend, girlfriend. You can write all that your heart feels for your Love. No vulgar words please. Scrivi cio´ ke il tuo cuore vuole dire alla persona ke ami. No volgarita´. An advice, If u want him or her to know that u love him/her write the name or something that helps ur love to hunderstand that u r talking whith him/her.
31 Комментарии:
I love kevin martin i have never felt this way about any one b 4 he is so special 2 me i just hope me and him last 4 eva i just hope he reads this love laura tovey x
I love jon barr more than anyone else in the world there is no one else i would ever want i would never cheat on him or do anything 2 hurt him i love him with all my heart and i always will no matter what jon i just want u 2 no this is how i feel love u 4eva love laura tovey xxxxxxxxx
Jon i love u and u know i would do anything for u i just wish we could b 2gether 4eva love laura
Every time i am with u brightens up my day i just wish i could be with u every second of every day
Missin u Madly
Richard you are the only man I have loved in my life. I know that there isn't any hope for us to stay together but I want you to know that I will love forevere! From Laura to Richard!
I always remember your wonderful face. Your eyes shine like stars. Your smile warm my heart of love. My sweet love don't forget bout me. You are my life. From Nico to C.
My love I have lost you! But I hope that we can stay together again. I love you too much please come back to me. My life hasn't got a sense. From Nico to C.
La notte quando non riesco a dormire guardo le stelle, tra loro, una brilla più delle altre, ad essa ho dato il tuo splendido nome. Vorrei regalarti un mazzo di rose rosse ma di fronte alla tua bellezza sarebbero dei semplici fili d'erba. I will love u forever C!
U r my angel
Ti amo sempre
pradziai buwo labai didelis susizavejimas,kuris peraugo i karsta meile,myliu Tave
Adoro-te Filipa !
Adoro te Filipa
Adoro te Filipa
Adoro-te Filipa
Adoro-te Filipa !
To tracy, life is for living, i live mine for you, love is for giving, i give mine to you, hearts are for beating, mine beats for you. i love you tracy fawley with all my heart xxxxxx
Savner deg Peter
Laska moja de si? Chybas mi ta de si. Strasne moc ta lubim Katka moja. ´CMUK´
Ti amo Daniela mia..
Jason your the MAN i know that love is the gift from what i recieve and as thanksgiving is today , my offering of thanks the gift of my love has the giving to you ´I LOVE YOU MY MAN Mr. JASON NOOTENBOOM
Mike you are all forme, my heart beats for you. Love me forever. From your Jane!

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